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Online Store

Do you own products and want to sell online, the online market is a big market of millions of customers every second, which is a chance that your products are offered for sale to millions of customers from everywhere in the world, without the need to navigate Bdaatk across the border to reach even those people.

The idea of ​​buying and selling over the Internet has become obsessed to be reckoned with at all of its total sales and acquisitions in the traditional market, and the movement of e-commerce in any State ratio became billions of dollars a year, especially in the Gulf countries and some Arab countries, hence the importance of the has a store electronically exposure through your merchandise, and implement the buying and selling through an orderly and safe.

We in mastering developed multiple solutions for all kinds of shops, which accept all payment methods beginning of the means of electronic payment Kkrot Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and Cache Yu, through the operations of direct deposit in bank accounts and even payment on delivery, all the solutions that we have developed in mastering aims to provide all methods and means to achieve a safe payment for visitors and shopkeepers process.

You can immediately and in the control case fully in your store, and edit your products by deletion or addition, the description of each product separately, and the change in the style of presentation and to stop the store or run and lots and lots of possibilities offered by you to e-commerce that we offer here, solutions, and more importantly, it solutions supportive Arabic language completely.

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