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Store Webdesign

Do you own products and want to sell online, the online market is a big market of millions of customers every second, which is a chance that your products are offered for sale to millions of customers from everywhere in the world, without the need to navigate Bdaatk across the border to reach even those people.


Blog Webdesign

If you are the owner of the newspaper and paper or a person, and you have the ability to deliver the news in a professional manner. We offer you in your News-mail to set up a news Website to view full you of their biggest base of readers worldwide and the script includes all the tools to help you spread the word.


Company Webdesign

The main strength of any business or service is has become to have a website, which is no longer used to explain only a minor with the institution offer of products or services, but it has become an important and plays a pivotal role in any marketing policy.



Facebook Advertising Services

For Facebook in advertising campaigns achieved a strong reputation and fame of the project and reach your services to those in need of Facebook users.

Google Adwords

The goal of advertising campaigns on Google Edwards to announce special offers, goods and products displayed at the site.

Marketing via a Email

Marketing advertising messages on e-mail (Email Marketing) is a crucial avenue of widely spread in nature.

Publicity and archiving

Publicity sites Pl Search engine optimization means creating sites to get advanced results in the search engines.

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