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SMS Services

This Service depends on sending SMSs through a website application that enables you of sending any SMS to any Number with your sender name up on it .

This’s got a great use of all companies, schools , Stores …etc .

where you have to communicate and send offers or notifications to your clients , employers or …etc .

you can choose to send a different massage to each number or the same SMS to a Group of numbers.

  • 200 LE
  • 50 US
  • 100 SR

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  • 570 LE
  • 120 US
  • 280 SR

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  • 1100 LE
  • 220 US
  • 570 SR

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  • 1800 LE
  • 400 US
  • 900 SR

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Service Features

long SMSs

with SMSs up to 140 letters for each SMS .. with the ability to add links , numbers, or litters . so you can have a fulfilled massage.


you can easily create a group of contacts with all the numbers you need to send one identical massages to all of them at the same time.


What is the time required for the completion of your project?

Schedule is usually determined by the client. So if you think the deadline for completion of the work, he should let us know it in advance and we will do our best in order to achieve you. What we expect from our client is to send material electronically (Site Content) on time and as agreed.

Listed how your search engine “Google”?

The Upper building sites their customers on the basis of the rules of a true marketing mail and use all the tools to take your site’s ranking in the search engine “Google.”

What is meant to improve the ranking of your website?

Get a better result on your site rank high on search engines. For more information about Click improvement.

How does it affect ATM screens in market competition?

Banks have realized that the real competition is not in the presentation of its services through automated teller screens only, but also through a number of other elements, such as the preparation of places, places of distribution, etc.. And the number of customers who are using the ATM screens exceed 88%

How Bank imposes its services through ATM screens?

ATM screens are designed to provide the bank’s image to its customers. Where is the design of ATM screens we have on the basis of propaganda and interactive make it easier for the client to access the service without dispersion including covered by the design of the colors clear and attractive and describes all the services desired by the client.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution optimized to develop a set of applications that give information to the sales department, and marketing services in order to streamline business processes, and improve the quality of the data and gives both sections to benefit from the same data source

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